Thursday, 13 April 2017

What is a mountainous tourism means in post USSR region?

Sports tourism is not an Olympic sport, the main goal - to overcome a certain segment of the earth's surface, called route. We have next main categories of sports tourism:
1. "Піший туризм" - literal translation is "tourism by foot" or trekking/hiking. The main task is to overcome the relief and landscape obstacles by foot.
2. "Гірський туризм" - literal translation is "mountainous tourism", this kind of sport is difficult to describing because it's symbioses of trekking, hiking and mountaineering. I'll try describe it a little bit latter.
3. "Водний туризм" - rafting on rivers on boats (baidarka or aleutian kayak; kayak; catamaran; raft), usually in the mountainous terrain. The main task is the passage of water obstacles, formed by the relief of the river bed and the features of its current.
4. "Лижний туризм" - ski tourism. Travel on the tourist route is mainly on skis. The main task is to overcome the relief and landscape obstacles on skis.
5. "Спелеотуризм" - travel through underground cavities (caves, cave systems, including partially flooded water). The main task is to overcome structural obstacles encountered in caves.
And others..

What difference between mountainous tourism and mountaineering?

Mountainous tourism is a kind of tourism, consisting in the movement of a group of people with the help of muscular force along a certain route laid in a mountainous area in high mountain conditions. Although it uses climbing elements while walking the route, don't mix it with mountaineering.
The climber's goal is to climb to the top, when the aim of a mountain tourist is to pass the passes. In the higher categories of complexity, the boundaries between these kinds of sports are vague.
The main factor that distinguishes mountain tourism from other types of sport tourism (and combining it with mountaineering) is that the hikes take place at a significant (above 2500-3000 meters) altitude above sea level. Also, unlike trekking tourism, mountain tourism does not evaluate long obstacles (for example: bogs, crossing the mountain rivers). From local obstacles only passes, traverses of peaks and radial ascents to peaks are taken into account.

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