Sunday, 1 January 2017

The First One

Hi Guest!

My name is Andy and I'm travel-photographer.
"All started in my childhood when I draw, but one happy day I got the compact camera. It changed a lot. All that I saw immediately was fixed on the camera matrix. Now it's my main hobby and in pair with another one create - travel-photographer."

I created my first blog in 2010 and it was about a photo (mostly Kiev). Eventually, I began to travel more and more, started hiking in Crimea and the Carpathians, and later in the Caucasus. And recently added mountaineering to main hobbies.
So, my main topic is travel: 
◌ City tourism  stories about Ukraine or other countries;
◌ Hiking  a few days hiking in different Ukrainian regions;
◌ Mountaineering  it's not clear mountaineering mean, because in a post-USSR region we have own kind of sport, symbioses of hiking and mountaineering. But it's easy to use 'mountaineering' term.

It's a special branch of my main Ukrainian BLOG 

Here I'll be posting the English version about most interesting travels. The first one must be about hiking in Georgia or 1000km-travel along Spain north coast. I don't have plan translate 1:1, so the English version will be like a cut version of Ukrainian blog. So, if you need more info - the main BLOG is the best source:) Maybe in future, I improve my eng-skills and can prepare full version, but we have what we have.


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